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Grace Baptist Church in Geneva, New York


About Us

We're Concerned

God knows you even better than Google does!  Have you thought about that lately?  If that isn't a priority to you now, it will be when you meet Him!

We're Not Just Another Church

We see the Great Commission differently here.  Loving God and others always comes first.

We Have Your Best Interests In Mind

Grace Baptist Church in Geneva is an extraordinary community.  Instead of laboring to fill the pews with people, our focus is upon filling hearts with God's son - Jesus Christ.  We believe it is by God's grace alone - and not by any works of the flesh - that such a relationship becomes reality.  For us, genuine worship in Geneva begins and ends with this grace.  

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While choosing a church involves many considerations, nothing is more important than finding the Word of God being fleshed out in a Christ honoring way in individual lives. Beliefs, outreach, ministry, worship and music styles, Bible versions, security, handicap access, attire, infant care, opportunities to participate, facility use - they all vie for attention, and can often become substitutes for what really matters. We want to know about your choices, and help you with keeping first things first. Please email us with your concerns so that we might begin praying about the Lord's will for your life.

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Looking Forward To Meeting You!

"Jesus is still the Head of His church, and He has some very good news for you.  He has blessed us with spiritual gifts that he intends for us to use and share.  They are just waiting for you to discover them, and this is the place where he wants you to begin.  Seek Him while He may be found!"

- Paul Douglass, Pastor

Grace Baptist Church

3142 Johnson Road, Geneva, NY 14456, US

(315) 789-8358



By Appointment